Beyond Doctor and Nurse: Hot Healthcare Occupations You Haven’t Heard Of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is the place to be if you’re looking for growth, job security, and strong salaries. Everyone knows that as the Baby Boomers retire and move from working in healthcare to needing healthcare, there are going to be plenty of job openings and a desperate need for healthcare providers. The job market looks great.

However, some of us look at that great job market and see only obstacles. Maybe biology wasn’t your favorite class, or you don’t think you could get into med school. Maybe you’re already established in another career, but you’re worried about your job outlook. Maybe you faint at the sight of blood or you just want a calmer work environment than an emergency room. We’ve all seen the chaos in Grey’s Anatomy or House or Scrubs, and it can make a nice office job look like an oasis.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to get a great healthcare job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are no fewer than 66 different healthcare occupations, and they are all growing by leaps and bounds. Below, you’ll find links and descriptions of some of the most exciting healthcare occupations that you might not have heard of. The links will show you exactly how to get started in a healthcare career!

If you are interested in information technology – you’re a computer-minded person or you already work in the field and are worried about your job being outsourced – you would be a great fit for the healthcare information systems field. More and more hospitals are transitioning to digital record-keeping , but most workers at hospitals now don’t know much about designing or maintaining these systems. The field is ripe with opportunity for your high-demand tech skills.

The healthcare management field is a natural choice for a people-person with management skills. A degree in healthcare management opens the door to the corner office: administrators can climb the ladder right up to the CEO spot as they work with doctors and run the business end of healthcare facilities.

What if you want to help people and make the world a better place? The healthcare field has many opportunities for non-profit or governmental work. Consider getting a degree in public health and your contributions will make life better for whole communities.

You can achieve any of these goals – and more – through education. In fact, you can get that education without having to quit your current job. Visit the Guide to Healthcare Schools and find out more about healthcare occupations and online education. An online degree will let you work your way towards a career full of growth and security in today’s hottest, fastest growing field!